Valeria is passionate about her art work. She has made art since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She believes she was give a gift from her creator and she loves it.

She has been a professional artist for over 35 years. Her art work has taken her coast to coast. Valeria has been a participant at;

  • South Eastern Wildlife Shows in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Fall Festival Shows with Wild Wings in Lake City, Minnesota
  • Phippen Museum Western Art Show in Prescott, Arizona
  • Oldfield Shows at Puyallup, Washington

Addicted to painting, acrylic is her favorite medium, but she also loves water color, pen and ink and scratch board.

The wildlife she paints surrounds her mountain home in Clearwater, Idaho. She can watch the elk she loves from her kitchen window while doing dishes. Deer, turkeys, quail and bluebirds visit her yard frequently, while bear, cougar and wolves run the canyon nearby.

A self-taught artist, Valeria attributes the help she received from Terry Issac, John Seerey,  Lester and Robert Bateman to helping her achieve her goals.  The lesson she learned from the master’s help put polish  and finish to her work. She now shows side by side with her mentors.

Wild Wings became her publisher in 2000. They handle the licensing of her work from prints to household products. Producers include Leanin Tree and Suns Out Puzzle. Many licensing images can be found internationally.

Because she is an Outdoor Woman, hunter and fisher-woman, her work appears regularly with sporting and conservation groups such as; ATK, Browning, Winchester, Remington, Cabella’s and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to name a few.

Her work is collected Nationally and Internationally. The late Dick Cabella was one of her collectors.

She has won numerous awards and enjoys giving an occasional work shop.

She invites viewers of her work to step into her paintings and experience nature through her eyes and soul!